We thought about what we thought we would be doing at school.  Here are some of the things we said;

Learning the alphabet - Oliver

Play - Callum

Snack time - Alex

Learning to read - Joseph

Having playtime - Sophie

Sitting nicely - Matilda

Learning to write things down - Richard

Homework - Fletcher

Colouring in - Molly

Doing numbers - Robyn

Playing in the water - Emma

Playing in the house - Alexandra


At the end of everyday we will try and write on the blog something about our day.  It might be something that we have done, enjoyed or maybe not enjoyed (it is always written using the children words).  This is what we wrote at the end of our very first day;


I enjoyed colouring the rainbow fish. - Molly


I like doing the rainbow fish. - Matilda


I like playing with my buddy. - Richard


I like having lunch with my buddy. - Fletcher


I liked playing with my buddy outside. - Robyn


I liked wearing my school uniform. - Joseph


I like playing with the lego. - Oliver


I like having a story. - Alexandra


I liked colouring in my rainbow fish and playing in the sand. - Emma


I liked wearing my school uniform. - Sophie


I liked playing in the water. - Alex


I liked seeing my buddy. - Callum