Primary 6/7 pupils used Skype today to speak with pupils in a school in France.


Skype is a program that allows you to use video and audio in real time.  Each group has a computer with a webcam and microphone, and can see and talk to each other in a video conference. 


We have been involved in a number of very good cultural and language exchanges over the last few years.  We have mainly used email, snail mail and audio recordings on our blog, and today took us on to another level.


The pupils in both classes could see each other and introduced themselves in the language they are learning.  We sang a verse of the Uist Tramping song, and did two rounds in two groups, of Frere Jacques.  The French school pupils sang Frere Jacques in English! 


The French school is in Vandeins, which is situated 60km north of Lyon.  After today's very successful first contact, we hope to have regular 'visits' to France using Skype over the coming session.  This should greatly enhance listening and talking in French, as we will be talking with native speakers, and hopefully build confidence in the language.


Read on to see photos of our connection.......Laughing



Kenzie introducing herself in French


Kirsty talking to our French friends


Tara introducing herself


THe French class on screen as they introduce themselves to us


Kate has just introduced herself


The French class listen as we talk to them