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French Pairs

As part of a Comenius Project activity Primaire Vandeins and Ednam have paired the pupils who work together using Skype.

They describe parts of a character, in the learned language, and the partner listens and makes up the character.  At the end the listener shows what he made and the speaker says if it is correct.

Before they begin they introduce each other and ask how they are doing in the learned language.  This builds on work we do in our classrooms.

Here Kyle is working with his partner.


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French Activities in the new Session

In French we have started an activity about introducing ourselves to each other. This will be our first video conference activity with our partner school in Vandeins, France.

We will tell the other class our name, age, things we like and so on. They will listen carefully and choose a partner to work with that may have similar interests. We will do the same with them and in future activities activities will be organised for the pairs made from the two schools.

It's early yet, but we are making good progress. Have a listen to see how it's going.


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French Video Conference

The last video conferences between our school and the school in Vandeins France were held towards the end of our term.


We had started an activity with the older class in France, and finished it along with another activity with the younger class.


The older class activity was an introducing themselves task where pupils read in the new language details about themselves and the other school would listen and try to work out who it was.  Each school had a copy of the other's details.  This went well and was enjoyed by all.


The other activity with the younger class was describing monsters.  This involved vocabulary for colours, body parts and numbers, and again this went very well.



We have limited our connections to about 45 minutes, which is just long enough to sustain the activity, and can be continued the next time if necessary.


Everyone enjoys our link ups and overall the confidence of most pupils has improved over the session.  We hope to build on this next session, as we have many of the same pupils, although both schools lose their older pupils to the High School.


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French School Writing Exchange

As well as our work in Comenius Primary 5-7 pupils are involved in writing to pupils in a Paris primary school.


We have worked with this school before using email, but this year we have been hand writing letters and cards in our exchange.


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Comenius Activities

Ednam has been busy with partner schools over last term, in various activities and you can read all about them and see movies of our work with our Euro partners here.


Our work continues this term with a meeting in France.  Schools will also be making an information leaflet for tourists and visitors, about our localities.



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Primary 4/5 Link with School in Japan

Primary 4/5 are working on Japan as their topic this term and recently made contact with pupils in Japan.  Shingo Primary School Year 5 class 4. from Kawaguchi City which is about 10 miles north of Tokyo, sent us an email, photos and video.

They let us see what they do at lunch time and the meals that they eat.  The children set up, prepare and serve the food, and at the end they clean the dishes, sweep up and clear away again.


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Last Skype Meeting of the Session

Today we had a last video conference meeting of the school year, on Skype with our French friends in VANDEINS, in eastern France, north of Lyons.

This was the second part of an activity that we began last week.  Before the activity each class prepared a monster which had to have a certain amount of eyes, noses, mouths, ears, hair with colour and each monster would like cake or ice cream or both!  We then sent them to each other's school, and each pupil would describe the monster of a pupil in the other school.  The activities have been prepared by the French teacher Elisabeth Farinha.

The French pupils described the monsters in French, while the Scottish pupils listened, and the Scottish pupils described the monsters in English, while the French pupils listened.

The activity started slowly until confidence was built up, and pupils of both schools 'tune in' to the accents of the other.  It really got going well in this second session, with some added language where pupils introduced themselves and asked how it was going!

We are going to continue this good work next session and we look forward to meeting again.  We have not managed to meet as regularly as was hoped this session, but next time we hope we can build in regular meetings.

It is great being able to speak live with native speakers right there in France and us here in Scotland, and our pupils are really enjoying the activities and having fun while they improve their language speaking skills.

Read on to see and listen into a few of our exchanges.


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Skype with French School

Primary 6/7 had a second Skype session with our friends in VANDEINS, in eastern France, north of Lyons.


Unfortunately there were technical problems, which caused us to lose about 20 minutes at the start.


We did manage to play a game of bingo, where each of the numbers was spoken in the second language of each school.


We also had a question and answer session, where a pair of pupils, one from each country, asked eack other questions about themselves and where they live.


We hope to have another session quite soon to makle up for the lost time of this session.  The whole experience is extremely worthwhile and can only benefit the learning of both schools. Laughing


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Hi Clementine


I recorded a recording for you, hope you like it,Wink



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Zakariya hope you like my audio


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