Primary 5-7 have been working on various activities in their homework Space booklets.

There were various activities which mainly involved research, but included opportunities for written accounts, diagrammatical accounts and models to illustrate their findings.

Some pupils put a lot of time into building elaborate models of space stations, while others made diagrams, posters and Keynote presentations.  

Parents also enjoyed the homework, as many said that they too had learnt so much about Space history and development.

Here, at the end of the current work, pupils are sharing their hard work with other members of the class.

Well done to all who took part, and many thanks to parents who also enjoyed our project!


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Jared and Isaac won 2nd and 3rd prize in the Live Borders Road to Rio writing Competition, as reported in earlier news, and today they were presented with their prizes at school assembly.

Gill Swales, Senior Librarian from Live Borders presented the boys with their prizes and reminded us that schools all over the Scottish Borders Region entered and our school took two of the main prizes in second and third place.

Well done to the Jared and Isaac in their great success.  It was great to see Isaac again, as he left us to go to High School at the summer break. Thanks also to Gill Swales for taking time to come to our school to present the prizes.


Jared, Isaac and Gill from Borders Live
Jared, Isaac and Gill from Borders Live

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Primary 5-7 designed and made bottle rockets as part of our topic on Space.

The rocket had a basic design, but the main problem solving activities of this science experiment were to work out the best amount of fuel (water) to get the rocket to travel as high as possible; and to design a parachute that will open up on descent.

We have had a few trials with varied results so far, and some rockets travelling quite high, but no parachutes have opened up, although some have come close.  Our pursuit for success will continue this week.

Here is a short video of our rocket launching test from last week, it ends with slightly surprising results!



Getting ready to launch our rockets!
Getting ready to launch our rockets!



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As part of our topic about Space, Primary 5-7 have been writing Space Ballads.

A ballad usually tells a story and we looked at the structure of a traditional ballad, where stanzas (verses) have four lines; each verse has 8, 6, 8, 6, syllables; there should also be a 4, 3, 4, 3, beat on verses; and has an ABCB rhyme structure, where lines two and four rhyme.

Although quite complex, ballad writing has called on many of our past skills learned when writing poems like Cinquain, Tanka, Haiku and so on.

The main problem for our group was to make sure we started with a good story idea and leave the rhyming till last.

Here we have five fantastic poems that are finished already, written by pupils aged 9-11, who have done incredibly well in this task. More will be added when they are ready, but enjoy these for now.


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During our topic Primary 5-7 were involved in researching information about scientific discoveries about Space.

Each group had one or two planets to explore and as well as text and images in the presentation, groups had to include video and audio about their planet.

Each group then shared their presentation and afterwards the other groups gave feedback of what they liked about the presentation and any suggestions on how future presentations, might be improved.


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Primary 5-7 have been designing and building bottle rockets as part of our Space topic.

We had to think about the design and how to get the rocket to fly as high as possible.  As an extension to this activity, pupils had to incorporate a parachute.  A problem to solve is how to get the parachute to be activated as the rocket begins its descent.

Here you can see rockets being assembled and parachutes being prepared.


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Primary 5-7 pupils finished designing their papier mache aliens and they are now on our classroom wall.

Everyone used paint to add final features to their creations, but could only use primary colours – red, blue and yellow, along with black and white, meaning that they had to experiment in mixing colours to create new ones.  This was done very successfully, with some very striking aliens!

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Primary 5-7 have now finished their Space-scape pictures representing various planets in our Solar System.

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Primary 6/7 pupils were at hockey today, and Primary 5 made Space-scape pictures using paint, tissue paper and glue.

They will also make 3D Space scenes and this work follows other work on the topic space.  We have been preparing research for display on the wall and a multimedia presentation, which will be presented after the October break.  These presentations include video and audio about their researched planets.

We are also making bottle rockets and hope to have these ready to fly later this month.

The Space-scapes should be finished tomorrow.

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Primary 5-7 looked at how the earth rotates in an anti-clockwise direction on its tilted axis, and how this influences the seasons as it orbits the sun, also in an anti-clockwise direction.

We used a darkened room, model earth and sun and looked carefully at the position of the earth during the solstice in June, September, December and March. We used a spotlight to represent the sun and marked our location on the earth and could see how the sun affected the earth.

Next we will look at how the moon, earth’s natural satellite, and how it orbits the earth.

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