Last session Primary 4-7 wrote Olympic Sports Sonnets, which were the last of many poetry forms we had written over the session.

We entered the Sonnets into the Borders Live Rio Olympics Poetry Competition and today we heard that Jared got second prize and Isaac got third prize.  Everyone did a great job, but well done Jared and Isaac.  It is hoped that they will be presented with their prizes by Borders Live staff at an assembly soon.

All the Sonnets can be seen on our blog here.

All of last sessions poems were published in a book, which would make a great Christmas present, and can be found here (black and white issue) and here (colour issue).

Here are the prize winning poems by Jared and Isaac.


Ballad by Isaac
Sonnet by Isaac


Ballad by Jared
Sonnet by Jared

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At the end of last term Primary 4-7 made a book of poems based on the variety of work done during last year, as part of an enterprise project.

This book is now available in black and white or colour versions and can be viewed and ordered online at the publishers website – black and whitecolour.

Hard copies can be viewed at the school office.


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The Olympics and Sport have been topics that Primary 4-7 have been working on in the summer term, and as part of the Leavers Assembly, we performed an Olympic Creative Dance.

A lot had to be crammed into a short time in this busy summer term, but everyone did very well in creating this dance that starts and ends with the Olympic Rings, and depicts various Olympic Sports.  See how many you can spot?




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Here are a few more unseen photos from the Primary 4-7 trip to Stirling Castle with our parent helpers, inside the Kelpies and mini Kelpies at the Falkirk Wheel.

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Here are are more photos from our enjoyable Primary 4-7 day out visiting the Kelpies, Stirling Castle and the Falkirk Wheel.

Everyone enjoyed all the attractions, with Stirling Castle probably being the most popular having a variety of activities aimed at children.

Comments from parents and pupils like ‘best trip ever’ says it all! 

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Primary 4-7 had a joint language activity with our friends in Vandeins, France, as part of our weekly connection.

Pupils in both schools drew a picture of a monster, which had a variety of colours and body parts.  These monsters were shared with both schools, each pupil having their own monster and one from the other school.

The focus was listening, as a pupil in one school would describe in their own language their monster, and pupils in the other school would listen and see if they had the monster picture being described.

The activity went very well, as pupils had to ‘tune in’ to the language being spoken by the native speakers, and it was great fun for both schools.


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Primary 4-7 have looked at Olympic Mascots from the Munich 1972 Olympics to the present Olympics in Rio.

From the variety of diverse ideas, our five groups have come up with ideas for the Olympic Games at Ednam.

Isaac, Matthew, Ailsa and Callum have come up with the strange looking Waccius, a character that they say reflects some aspects of Scotland.

In contrast Murray, Arran, JD, Finlay and Jared have come up with Robert, a character that reflects more recognisable features that suggest Scotland.

Sophie, Beth, Innes and Kenzie worked on the fauna of Scotland in Scottie.

Molly, Alex, Elsa and Chantelle used the fauna and other aspects of Scotland in their character Bruce.

Finally Emma, Megan, Jessica and James came up with the friendly looking Tabitha, a collection of traditional Scottish ideas.

See if you can spot the meanings behind the Mascots!


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