The Olympics and Sport have been topics that Primary 4-7 have been working on in the summer term, and as part of the Leavers Assembly, we performed an Olympic Creative Dance.

A lot had to be crammed into a short time in this busy summer term, but everyone did very well in creating this dance that starts and ends with the Olympic Rings, and depicts various Olympic Sports.  See how many you can spot?




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The Primary 4-7 class had their last gymnastics session where they used patches and points working in pairs with one supporting the other. They were very creative and met the challenges well, coming up with some interesting balances. 1,546 total views, no views today

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Primary 4-7 have been involved in a gymnastics block in PE this term and have been exploring balances using points and patches. Points are when using any small part of the body and patches larger areas.  We have explored balances on one, two and three points, some specific like one foot and another point.  … Continue reading

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