New Strides Theatre Company came to Ednam on 24th November and gave Primary 4-7 pupils a taste of their production ‘Letters from Aberlour’. Characters from the period of the first world war were introduced to our pupils and gave a small incite to life in those times. Letters to Aberlour is a new theatre production… Continue reading

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As part of our topic in the summer term, Primary 5-7 pupils learned some songs popular with soldiers in the trenches.  

As the trenches and the horrors of war were difficult to endure, most of the songs were funny, in an effort to keep the soldiers’ spirits up.

Primary 5-7 sang these songs during their final school assembly presentation about the First World War.

Hush here comes a Whiz Bang,  When this Lousy War is Over,  We’re here because

Stuck, Stuck in the Middle

It’s a Long Way to Tipperary,  Pack Up Your Troubles (whistle)

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Primary 5-7 were working on a 3D First World War Wall Display. Using their technology skills they had been building the car that the Archduke Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were travelling in when they were attacked.  A First World War Submarine and the successful Sopwith Camel Bi-plane used in this conflict, were also constructed.… Continue reading

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Primary 5-7 are researching the First World War for their topic this term. We have discovered lots of facts about the war and will be involved in a few project activities in the coming weeks. We found out that soldiers in the trenches used periscopes to see above the trench without getting shot. Using our previous maths knowledge of… Continue reading

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