The Olympics and Sport have been topics that Primary 4-7 have been working on in the summer term, and as part of the Leavers Assembly, we performed an Olympic Creative Dance.

A lot had to be crammed into a short time in this busy summer term, but everyone did very well in creating this dance that starts and ends with the Olympic Rings, and depicts various Olympic Sports.  See how many you can spot?




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As part of our topic in the summer term, Primary 5-7 pupils learned some songs popular with soldiers in the trenches.  

As the trenches and the horrors of war were difficult to endure, most of the songs were funny, in an effort to keep the soldiers’ spirits up.

Primary 5-7 sang these songs during their final school assembly presentation about the First World War.

Hush here comes a Whiz Bang,  When this Lousy War is Over,  We’re here because

Stuck, Stuck in the Middle

It’s a Long Way to Tipperary,  Pack Up Your Troubles (whistle)

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