During our Comenius project some pupils were fortunate enough to visit Prague, and enjoy the hospitality of our Comenius friends in Czech Republic.

It was very nice to see Sarka again in her new school with so many happy smiling pupils.  We connected with them last year too and we all enjoyed the songs we shared for Christmas.


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We played games of Festive Bingo with our friends in Vandeins Primary, France on Friday.  The bingo cards were pre-arranged and we called out the items in English, and Vandeins called them out in French.  Pupils would then check that any winners were correctly called.

You can see the confidence and understanding of language in longer exchanges, which is great to watch.


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Our long time friends in Vandeins Primary connected over Skype on Friday to share poems and sing a couple of songs for Christmas.

Some of them recited poems, and ended with the songs.  This followed a game of Festive Bingo!

We sang a couple of our songs for them, all of which was a nice end to a busy week for us.  The French started their holidays on Friday.


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Teachers from our ten project schools met in Anagni, Italy at the end of March 2014, for our second meeting in our Space Teds’ Adventures project.

There were new members to meet as well as colleagues who went to the first meeting in Scotland. There were also two pupils from Turkey on this visit.

When European teachers were here in Scotland last October, they worked ith our pupils teaching them traditional songs and dances from their countries.  During the visit to Italy, Mrs Galloway and I introduced a class to the ‘Gay Gordons’ and the song ‘Everywhere We Go’ with an Italian twist.

Have a look at how they got on, at the Comenius 10 website, it’s great!

Sing Scottish Italian Song!
Sing Scottish Italian Song!

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At the end of the Christmas term P5-7 were very busy on Skype connecting with our Comenius partners, and our partners in France.

On the last day before the holidays we took part in a game of ‘French/English’ bingo and the ‘Bring Me’ game, with our friends in Vandeins.  We have been doing this with pupils for a few years now and this year was as successful as ever.

Pupils on both sides speak in their native language and the others have to listen and respond.  In ‘bingo’ they had to mark off the Christmas items they heard and in the ‘bring me’ game they had to produce the correct card to win a point for their team.

Everyone had a successful and enjoyable time!

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