Primary 5-7 pupils have drawn detailed drawings of Ancient Greek masks of Greek Gods, and they have used the same stimulus to make clay masks. They used a red clay, similar to Greek times and have been encouraged to adopt various techniques in creating the mask. Here are a few examples of the finished masks.… Continue reading

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Last week we started our regular weekly video conference with our French partners at Vandeins Primary in France.

We began working with them about four years ago and last year we started connecting every week.  During our link pupils talk to each other in the learned language, and ask about the weather, date and how many pupils are in class. We also involve the whole group in larger activities each term.

Our language speaking and general confidence have improved greatly, and we look forward to building on this again throughout the coming year.

Chloe talks to Pierre
Chloe talks to Pierre

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Mr Skelly (Joseph’s dad) brought his collection of replica Greek weapons in to class, to give us an idea of  what these weapons were made of and how they compared to weapons made in this country in the middle ages. We noted that the sword blades were slightly curved and the smaller handle had no… Continue reading

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Tom Poster on piano and Jennifer Pike on violin, playing at out school on 1st November 2013.  Everyone enjoyed the session with Tom and Jennifer, and also our ‘guide’ Harold from the Kelso Music Society, who was our ‘guide’ into their music.

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Tables for some pupils can be a problem to learn and recall, but Primary 5-7 pupils have been trialling a peer mentoring scheme.  Each pupil learning tables was partnered up with a pupil who was more proficient with tables. For 5 or 10 minutes every day the pairs would get together to practise.  When the… Continue reading

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On Friday 1st November we had a visit from musicians Jennifer Pike and Tom Poster, organised by the Kelso Music Society.

Jennifer plays violin and became BBC Young Musician of the year when she was 12, and has featured in various events including BBC Last Night of the Proms from Glasgow.

Tom is a pianist, who won the Scottish International Piano Competition in 2007.

They both played a variety of music for pupils and staff in school. Tom played on our school piano, which he said was excellent, and Jennifer played on a Stradivarius violin worth around £500,000, and it had an great sound when played.

It was an enjoyable experience for both artists and audience.Smile

Jennifer Pike and Tom Poster
Jennifer Pike and Tom Poster

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