Rob from Zoo Lab was in school today, and he brought along some of his friends! They included a snake, a rat and a millipede as well as a few more animals that the class were able to see or hold. This was a nice follow up to the work we did last session on… Continue reading

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We have done reading today.  Corey

We made house with cardboard and sweets.  Jamie

I painted my hand in white and we’re going to decorate it. Monty

I liked it when we were doing the Gingerbread Houses.  Beth

I liked it when we were doing Gingerbread Houses.  Zoe

I liked when we did Maths.  Chantelle

I liked when we played Maths on the laptop.  Matthew

I liked it when we did our measuring for Maths.  Jack

I liked it when I did my Maths on the laptop.  Arabella

I liked it when I was putting the sweeties on the Gingerbread House.  Eilidh

We did the Gingerbread Houses with sweets.  Elsa

In Maths, I liked measuring with the scales.  Jessica

The dragon gave us sweets to make a house.  Eugenia

I liked painting my hand with white paint.  Cullin

I made a castle made out of junk.  Harriet

I liked making the witches house out of sweets.  Katelain

I like making the boots with Jamie.  Aidan

I liked making the sweetie house with all the sweets. Henry

I liked it when we made the witches house out of sweets.  Finlay

In Maths, I liked it when I measured pegs with the glue stick.  James

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