Today P1 and P2  made a meal of Cheese and Onion Quiche with coleslaw on the side. They peeled, diced, sliced, whipped, mixed and grated their ingredients with the help of parents, Nicola and Marion. They then enjoyed a feast, many of them trying either Quiche or coleslaw for the first time. Well done P1… Continue reading

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Today Kynan told us about Whitby. Kynan visited Whitby with his family. He went to a museum to see Fossils, he went on a Steam train, an Open Top Bus and a Yellow Boat on the river. He also went for a walk along the beach where he found a rock. When his dad split… Continue reading

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Yesterday was a hive of activity in the Secret Garden.  Anna came to join us and we had 4 squad doing various jobs.  We had weeders, plant rescuers, painters, bark layers, soil bashers, bed fillers, seed planters, wheel barrowers and lots more!  We also had a merry band of parents who came along and helped… Continue reading

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P1-4 began creating a Collage using a variety of Textiles. They began by drawing a picture or a random design. They they looked at all the textiles available to them and made a note of what they wanted to use. They then began cutting, placing and gluing their textiles onto their picture. These are some… Continue reading

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Today P3/4 with the help of Lynn and Liz, made a yummy Lentil Soup. The pupils washed, peeled, chopped and diced the vegetables, before adding them the soaked lentils. The pupils added a touch of ground cumin to give the soup a wee kick! The soup then simmered for 20 minutes before it was blended… Continue reading

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Today Holly presented a talk all about the Basking Shark. She began by showing the class a picture of the Shark and giving them some information such as what it eats, what colour it is and that it only has top teeth! She them showed us a painted picture she had done which she used… Continue reading

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Today Alex gave us a talk about trains. He had made a large display of drawings and information all about trains. He told us all about Thomas the Tank Engine, describing each of the carriages and the names and colours of each of the carriages. Well done Alex! 150 total views, no views today

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P1-4 have been using their 5 senses as part of their investigations in their topic work. This week they have selected an unknown object from a bag and then they’ve had to uses their senses to complete a worksheet. Today we have completed two experiments. One involved tuning forks, water and table tennis balls and… Continue reading

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This morning Innes gave us a very informative talk about CPR. He was able to give us very clear instructions on what to do if faced with an unresponsive person. He demonstrated the CPR technique on a toy dragon and he showed us how to put someone into the Recovery Position using Oliver as his… Continue reading

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