P1-4 have settled in very well at the beginning of the new school year. They have enjoyed a range of activities with great enthusiasm! 100 total views, no views today

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This week it was the turn of the P3 and P4 pupils to make a lovely fresh salad. They washed and prepared all the ingredients with the help of Miss Gerber and our parent helper Lynn. 283 total views, 1 views today

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Today Adam brought in his scooter, helmet, knee pads and wrist protectors. He showed us how to wear his helmet to protect his head when he’s on his scooter.  He then demonstrated how he wears his wrist protectors too. He told us he likes to go to Kelso Skate Park and ride his scooter with… Continue reading

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Toady P1 and P2 created their own fresh salads. They had iceberg lettuce to wash and slice, tomatoes to wash and slice as well as celery and cucumber. They had to boil 3 eggs and mix together ingredients to make a salad dressing. The final ingredients were either ham or cheese; they were able to… Continue reading

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Today the Kelso Laddie, Sean Hook, with his Right Hand Man, Craig and his Left Hand Man, Ian, came to visit our school. We sang the Kelso song as they entered the hall and then Mrs Finn welcomed them to our school. Sean then spoke to the children followed by the presentation of rosettes for… Continue reading

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Today Isaac spoke to us about Coal Mining. He told us that he comes from a family of coal miners as both his great grandfather and his grandfather were coal miners. Isaac had drawn a very detailed drawing showing us how the coal mine works. He was able to tell us about the cage used… Continue reading

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Today our new P1 pupils; Ava, Liam, Soren and Lucas came to spend the morning in our classroom. They enjoyed working with their buddies to create a fishbowl piece of artwork, before coming into the classroom. They were able to choose an activity to play with together with the rest of the class. It was… Continue reading

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Today it was the turn of our P3 and P4 pupils to make Quiche and Coleslaw. They were assisted by our Parent Helpers, Kate and James. They very carefully washed, peeled, diced, chopped and grated their ingredients. They also very carefully browned their onions using a saucepan on the cooker, as one of their ingredients for their Quiche. They produced a wonderful aroma throughout the school when the Quiche was taken out of the oven. All the pupils tried both the Quiche and the coleslaw. Well done P3 and P4.

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Today Ben told us all about his two cats called Bobby and Bubbles. They have been part of his family since they were 6 weeks old. Bobby went missing for a short time, but he came back home which made everyone in his family very happy. Bobby has only got half a tail as he was run over by a car. Ben showed us the dry and wet food that they eat and their favourite toy. He also made a poster with lots of photos on it showing the lives of the cats. Well done Ben!#

This is a photo display showing the lives of Bobby and Bubbles.
This is a photo of Bobby and Bubbles.
Ben showing us the wet food that Bobby and Bubbles eat.
Ben reading his introduction about Bobby and Bubbles.

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