Yesterday we had our second House Event organised by the House Captains.  This one had a Christmas theme and involved all the members of the house team.  Each House was given; 2 newspapers, some card, cellotape, pens, tinsel, 2 baubles, scissors, pencils and a toilet roll and challenged to dress their teacher up in a Christmas outfit – no adult help allowed!

All of the Houses made a super job and here are the results:-

4th (25pts) – Waldie (Mrs Shiel)

3rd (25pts) – Thomson (Mrs Finn)

2nd (25pts) – Burleigh (Mrs McIntosh)  AND ………..

1st (50pts) – Dickson (Mrs Murray John)

There were 50 bonus points given to Waldie for the best head piece, Thomson for best resourcefulness, Dickson for best creativity, and Burleigh for most Christmassy outfit.

Finally, and the bit you are desperate to see, the photos.

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