Today we went outside to have a rhyming words hunt. The children worked in pairs to take it in turns to run out, find a cone, turn it over, read the word and number, memorise it, run back and tell their partner. Their partner then wrote it down working out if they already had the rhyming partner or not. As you can tell the children had to use all of the skills they have been learning in school this year. They had to communicate with each other to know which cones they had been to already. They had to be able to use their reading skills to decode the word. The children had to find a strategy which helped them effectively remember the word and number that they had read. They also had to use their writing skills to record what they had found. The children had to work together to use their talking and listening skills to give/take instructions to/from their partner and to work out if they had found a rhyming word. All of the children managed to use all of these skills and many more whilst having great fun in the fresh air.

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