Today a group of pupils from P1-4 baked some plain scones. they were helped this week by our Borders College student, Miss Bridgewater.  The group helped to mix the ingredients and then had great fun kneading the dough, before placing there dough balls on the baking tray. When they came out of the oven it… Continue reading

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Today we went for a walk around Ednam to take notes about what the land has been used for locally. The children worked in pairs to look around and draw or write what they saw. 167 total views, no views today

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This week the rest of the class baked Banana and Oat Muffins with our helpers Meg and Basil. The pupils once again, measured, poured and mixed all the ingredients together to create wonderful muffins. 212 total views, no views today

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Today, Daisy presented a Power Point presentation about Owls. She told us about her favourite owl, the barn owl and also about an owl that has a wingspan the same height as her mum. Well done Daisy! 66 total views, no views today

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Hannah was the first pupil to share with us her Show and Tell about Killer Whales. She was able to show us pictures of Killer Whales and tell us about the differences between them. She had a map to show the location of Killer whales. One interesting fact she taught us was that a group… Continue reading

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On Monday we were learning what a compass was and how it can help us if we are lost. We learnt the Cardinal Points of the compass are North, South, East and West and tried to think of some rhymes to help us remember them. We came up with Naughty Elephants Squirt Water, Never Eat… Continue reading

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P1-4 visited the Mosque in Galashiels last week. In class we have been looking at all aspects of the faith of Islam. We were met by Ali who showed us around the Mosque and explained to us some of the beliefs of Islam. We took our shoes off and entered the Prayer Room. Ali shared… Continue reading

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