We played games of Festive Bingo with our friends in Vandeins Primary, France on Friday.  The bingo cards were pre-arranged and we called out the items in English, and Vandeins called them out in French.  Pupils would then check that any winners were correctly called.

You can see the confidence and understanding of language in longer exchanges, which is great to watch.


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Our long time friends in Vandeins Primary connected over Skype on Friday to share poems and sing a couple of songs for Christmas.

Some of them recited poems, and ended with the songs.  This followed a game of Festive Bingo!

We sang a couple of our songs for them, all of which was a nice end to a busy week for us.  The French started their holidays on Friday.


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On Tuesday we connected with our friends in Paris again for the first time this session.  We have written a few letters to each of our partners, and now we got to meet them and introduce ourselves briefly.

It went well and we have a few more to finish next week.  Ailsa’s pen friend was very thoughtful, noting that t was Ailsa’s birthday on Tuesday, the whole class French sang Happy Birthday to her in English. It was a wonderful surprise, unfortunately we only caught the last part on our movie clip.

Yesterday we received postcards and letters from our partners, as they have just returned from a school visit to Normandy.  Again this was exciting for us and we will work on our replies over the coming days.


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Molly and Callum finally connected with our partners in Vandeins, France again, after technical difficulties last week caused loss of sound.

This week week we had internet connection problems, but managed to overcome these, getting through the activity successfully.

We started a few weeks ago with introductions, and then Scottish and French holidays enforced another break.  Now we have a good five week run up to Christmas, where more pupils will chat with their French friends.

Callum and Molly talk to friends in Vandeins
Callum and Molly talk to friends in Vandeins


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Primary 4-7 had a joint language activity with our friends in Vandeins, France, as part of our weekly connection.

Pupils in both schools drew a picture of a monster, which had a variety of colours and body parts.  These monsters were shared with both schools, each pupil having their own monster and one from the other school.

The focus was listening, as a pupil in one school would describe in their own language their monster, and pupils in the other school would listen and see if they had the monster picture being described.

The activity went very well, as pupils had to ‘tune in’ to the language being spoken by the native speakers, and it was great fun for both schools.


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Last year we had a visit from our friends in #Paris, who visited #Scotland for a week.

One of their pupils had such a good time here she was keen to return, and last week Elena came back with her sister Virginie and dad Pierre.

They toured the school, met pupils and Elena renewed friendships, while Virginie formed new friendships.

It was really nice to see them, and very pleasing that the class found their visit to Ednam and Scotland so enjoyable that one of them wanted to return with their family.

Vive l’Ecosse, Vive La France!

Pierre, Virginie and Elena
Pierre, Virginie and Elena

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