P1-4 read the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ as part of our topic work. We decided that we’d like to plant our own ‘Magic Bean’ to grow a beanstalk. We planted a Broad Bean in some cotton wool inside a plastic cup so that we could observe the Bean growing. We have been able to… Continue reading

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Today Haidyn told us all about Kelso Abbey. She began by telling us about the history of the Abbey which involved King Davis the 1st, who built the Abbey in 1128. He built the Abbey for monks who had come from France. Unfortunately the English arrived and destroyed the Abbey along with all the other… Continue reading

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Yesterday the Nursery Pupils joined P1-4 to create Playdoh Selfies. Each pupil was given some neutral coloured playdoh which they used to create their body and head with. They were then given a choice of materials, including coloured playdoh, to use to finish their Playdoh selfie. They all worked well, with the older pupils helping… Continue reading

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On Wednesday Matthew presented a well prepared talk about Mountain Biking. He brought in his Ghost Kato bike and told us all about the gears, pedals, brakes and lights. We were able to watch a video of Matthew on his bike wearing all his protective gear. Matthew then showed us his gear, including his helmet,… Continue reading

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Yesterday we had an Open Afternoon, where parents were invited to come and see how P1-4 enjoy learning about all areas of Numeracy.  The pupils were able to show their parents how to play the various games and activities, everyone had great fun! 70 total views, no views today

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P1-4 have settled in very well at the beginning of the new school year. They have enjoyed a range of activities with great enthusiasm! 69 total views, no views today

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This week it was the turn of the P3 and P4 pupils to make a lovely fresh salad. They washed and prepared all the ingredients with the help of Miss Gerber and our parent helper Lynn. 269 total views, no views today

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Today Adam brought in his scooter, helmet, knee pads and wrist protectors. He showed us how to wear his helmet to protect his head when he’s on his scooter.  He then demonstrated how he wears his wrist protectors too. He told us he likes to go to Kelso Skate Park and ride his scooter with… Continue reading

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Toady P1 and P2 created their own fresh salads. They had iceberg lettuce to wash and slice, tomatoes to wash and slice as well as celery and cucumber. They had to boil 3 eggs and mix together ingredients to make a salad dressing. The final ingredients were either ham or cheese; they were able to… Continue reading

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