Yesterday we showcased our whole school Christmas production called “No Room For A Baby”. All the pupils were outstanding in their acting, singing and dancing. Everyone from the youngest Nursery pupil through to the oldest P7 pupil gave their all. The teachers and audience were very proud to see everyone shining on the stage. Merry… Continue reading

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This week we were informed that we had been very successful in the recent Tesco ‘Bags of Help’ competition, we came 1st!!!!!

We will receive some money that we can now use to create our ‘Secret Garden’.  Once completed, this garden will be used as an outdoor classroom, as well as a quiet place for pupils to use during the school day.We will begin in the New Year, the work needed to transform this plan into a reality. Thank you to everyone who supported us by putting their blue tokens into the Ednam perspex box.


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We at the the Press Gang have been busy reporting on what we have been doing so far this year. Our Press Gang members are James Aitchison, Zoe Nairn, Oliver Morter and Isla Aitchison.

“A New School Year”

We started back at school on 15th August. I found it hard to get out of bed, but I was excited about  being a P2. We have some new children in our class this year in P1.

When we got to school we found that our teachers had been busy making new areas in our classroom. We have a “Listening Area” where we can listen to stories on CD. My favourite is “Gangsta Granny” by David Walliams.

We also have a new keyboard to play music on. We have a sensory tray which has different things in it, like aqua beads and toy animals. They are great! My favourite part of the class is the reading area as you get to learn to read which helps us when we are older.

In P5-7, we welcomed some new P5’s who have settled in nicely.

Mrs McIntosh has created an additional “chill out zone” in the spare classroom which we use at choice times, for house captain meetings, reading and other activities. We are very lucky to have it. We also have a new group work area, Library and comfy seats.

P1-4 have also been on a visit to a mosque in Galashiels. When we arrived we went to the kitchen. There were lots of cups and jugs. Then we all went upstairs where we had to take our shoes off, but left our socks on. This was so it didn’t get messy, so that it was clean when they prayed. We made mosque puzzles and then climbed to another floor where we were given party bags.

We hope you enjoyed our reports and look out for our next report about activities and visits we have had.

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Today the House Captains held their very first House Event of this session. They had, very ably, organised a treasure hunt for all the boys and girls in the school.  This involved the children having to search for and find the coloured cards for their house and bring them back one at a time to… Continue reading

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In our recent Eco Group meeting we decided to register with the above Award.  Together with our efforts to be successful in our Tesco Challenge, we are hoping to create a wonderful outdoor learning area for all our pupils. Within the Award there are various Award Levels ranging from Bronze to Platinum. We are hoping to reach the Bronze Level by the end of January 2018. Today we earned our first point towards this by sending used Ink Cartridges off for recycling.

Our first point earned with recycling Ink Cartridges.

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Not long to go, thanks to everyone who has collected tokens so far! The competition ends on the 31st of October, so please keep collecting, we hope to hear good news soon!!! 150 total views, no views today

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On Wednesday we had the first meetings of our Pupil Participation Groups. All the children in the school are members of either the Pupil Council, Eco Group, Press Gang, JRSOs or House Captains. This week the children were working hard on organising themselves in their groups and coming up with some great ideas and activities… Continue reading

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We have applied for a Grant from the Tesco Bags of Help Scheme, to enable us to put into place our plans for our ‘Secret Garden’. The amount of money we receive depends on a customer voting system that is in place at the Galashiels Branch of Tesco. Each time you shop at Tesco you should receive a blue token. You then place this token in a clear Perspex box at the front of the store (near the travellator), that is labelled Ednam Primary School. We are competing against 2 other organisations, the group with the most tokens will receive £4,000; second place £2,000 and third £1,000. I managed to get 6 tokens this week by saying that we are a small school trying to raise money!! You can collect these tokens at any Tesco store; please bring them into school and we will take them to Tesco in Galashiels. This competition is on for the months of September and October. Please spread the word and collect as many tokens as possible so that we win the £4,000!!

Tokens from Tesco

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Nursery and P1/2/3/4 had a wonderful time decorating a quarter of a circle. We will be putting them together to create whole circles to make a wonderful display. Come in at anytime to see the completed circles. 192 total views, no views today

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