Today we went for a walk around Ednam to take notes about what the land has been used for locally. The children worked in pairs to look around and draw or write what they saw. 167 total views, no views today

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On Monday we were learning what a compass was and how it can help us if we are lost. We learnt the Cardinal Points of the compass are North, South, East and West and tried to think of some rhymes to help us remember them. We came up with Naughty Elephants Squirt Water, Never Eat… Continue reading

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On Wednesday we had the first meetings of our Pupil Participation Groups. All the children in the school are members of either the Pupil Council, Eco Group, Press Gang, JRSOs or House Captains. This week the children were working hard on organising themselves in their groups and coming up with some great ideas and activities… Continue reading

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We have had a busy two days. Here is what the children said about them:-

We put clocks to the right time. – Innes

We learnt how to do Rainbow letters. – Isla

We done Jolly Phonic, we learnt ‘p’. – Ben A.

We’ve started a new Jolly Grammar book. – Ben N.

We learnt a new way to add. – Oliver

The P3 learnt how to do times tables. – Haidyn

We got a new topic. It is called ‘Our Local Area’. – Matthew

We have done the times tables on the laptops. – Hannah

We got our new reading book today. – Daisy

I learnt that working quickly but carefully is good. – Keira

I got a certificate for coming back to school with a really mature and hard working attitude. – Charlie

I got onto Going for Gold today. – Amy

We did the number 3 today. – Kynan

We made glitter letters today. – Holly

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We made a Class Charter of Rights and Responsibilities. – Ben N. and Hannah

I liked seeing the teachers again. – Isla

I liked seeing all my friends again. – Haidyn

I liked making my birthday portrait. – Keira

I liked doing work. – Holly

We got new people in our class. – Oliver

I worked really hard. – Charlie

I liked playing in the areas. – Ben A.

I liked exploring all the new areas. – Daisy

I liked playing with the toys. – Kynan

I liked coming back to school. – Amy

I liked drawing my pictures of my Summer Holiday Selfies. – Innes

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Today we went outside to have a rhyming words hunt. The children worked in pairs to take it in turns to run out, find a cone, turn it over, read the word and number, memorise it, run back and tell their partner. Their partner then wrote it down working out if they already had the… Continue reading

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