We made a Class Charter of Rights and Responsibilities. – Ben N. and Hannah

I liked seeing the teachers again. – Isla

I liked seeing all my friends again. – Haidyn

I liked making my birthday portrait. – Keira

I liked doing work. – Holly

We got new people in our class. – Oliver

I worked really hard. – Charlie

I liked playing in the areas. – Ben A.

I liked exploring all the new areas. – Daisy

I liked playing with the toys. – Kynan

I liked coming back to school. – Amy

I liked drawing my pictures of my Summer Holiday Selfies. – Innes

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Today we went outside to have a rhyming words hunt. The children worked in pairs to take it in turns to run out, find a cone, turn it over, read the word and number, memorise it, run back and tell their partner. Their partner then wrote it down working out if they already had the… Continue reading

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The Primay 5s from both Ednam and Sprouston went to Kelso High School for a Numeracy Challenge afternoon. The children had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  115 total views, 1 views today

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On Tuesday Pat from Borders Pet Rescue came in to tell us a little bit more about the charity and collect the money that we had raised for them during Pet Week. 80 total views, no views today

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Here are some more of the visitors we had at the beginning of Pet Week. 101 total views, no views today

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Today the children were allowed to choose when they were going to hand in this weeks homework.

Charlie, Hannah, Aidan and Ben chose to hand it in this Friday 31st March because they wanted to get it done before Easter so that they could enjoy their holidays.

Haidyn, Keira, Mathilde, Matthew, Henry, Oliver, Daisy, Amy, Innes and Isla chose to hand it in after the holidays on Tuesday 18th April because they wanted more time to complete it.

We decided as a class to put a post on the blog to remind ourselves of our choices.

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