Yesterday we showcased our whole school Christmas production called “No Room For A Baby”. All the pupils were outstanding in their acting, singing and dancing. Everyone from the youngest Nursery pupil through to the oldest P7 pupil gave their all. The teachers and audience were very proud to see everyone shining on the stage. Merry… Continue reading

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Yesterday Charlie talked to us all about Golden Eagles. He told us that they are a Scottish Bird, they are a bird of prey, they are protected so you can’t shoot them and in the olden days they did shoot the birds of prey. He showed us pictures of golden eagle chicks which are called… Continue reading

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Nursery, together with P1-4, created a collage showing the 4 Seasons. Each group, discussed how they would like to create a picture using various materials to illustrate their Season. All the children then worked together to create their groups finished product. These finished works of art, will now be used to create a 4 Seasons… Continue reading

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Today Keira presented a lovely talk all about her pony, Molly. Molly is 7 years old and she loves eating apples and carrots. She was once frightened of people, but now enjoys cuddles. We watched a video of Keira and Eilidh feeding Molly some pony nuts. Molly is being trained by Keira’s mum. We also… Continue reading

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This week we were informed that we had been very successful in the recent Tesco ‘Bags of Help’ competition, we came 1st!!!!!

We will receive some money that we can now use to create our ‘Secret Garden’.  Once completed, this garden will be used as an outdoor classroom, as well as a quiet place for pupils to use during the school day.We will begin in the New Year, the work needed to transform this plan into a reality. Thank you to everyone who supported us by putting their blue tokens into the Ednam perspex box.


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P1-4 celebrated St. Andrew’s Day by listening to the story of how Andrew became a saint and then the patron saint of Scotland. They completed some fun activities which concluded with the making and eating of  Cranachan. We didn’t include whisky in our version of this Scottish dessert. They all tried it and the majority… Continue reading

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Today Haidyn told us all about her pet Hamster called Pippa. Pippa likes to eat cereal, carrots and mini marshmallows. She enjoys her exercise maze and going all over the floor in her ball. She once escaped her ball and went on an adventure for a whole day. She re-appeared when she was hungry! Well… Continue reading

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P1-4, with our volunteer Mrs Payne, went and visited Ednam Parish Church. This was to learn all about where and how Christians worship. They were met by Mrs Rodwell, who began by naming the furniture in the church and and letting them know the purpose of each piece of furniture. They then were shown how… Continue reading

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Toady Matthew gave us a lesson on the History of Ednam. He had a very interesting and relevant Power Point presentation with links to relevant clips on uTube. He told us how he lives in the original school in the village and that his granny lives where a former headteacher of the school used to… Continue reading

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It’s only 5 days until this competition closes on the 31st of October. Yesterday whilst we were on our trip to Tesco, we each put in a blue token. Please keep putting your tokens in the plastic box at the store, or bring them into school. One last push to ensure we do the best… Continue reading

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