Nursery and P1-4 have been enjoying some Easter Fun! We began by going on an Easter Egg Hunt where we found lots of eggs which we then shared. It was then time for some Easter Art & Design – Easter Sewing Chicks and Easter Egg Window Panes. Finally, we decorated some biscuits whilst completing Easter… Continue reading

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Today the children were allowed to choose when they were going to hand in this weeks homework.

Charlie, Hannah, Aidan and Ben chose to hand it in this Friday 31st March because they wanted to get it done before Easter so that they could enjoy their holidays.

Haidyn, Keira, Mathilde, Matthew, Henry, Oliver, Daisy, Amy, Innes and Isla chose to hand it in after the holidays on Tuesday 18th April because they wanted more time to complete it.

We decided as a class to put a post on the blog to remind ourselves of our choices.

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We have thoroughly enjoyed a varied Talent Show. We had piano players, Highland Dancing, a Workout routine, singers, dancers and gymnastic routines! Well done to all the pupils who took part.   296 total views, no views today

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We are enjoying Red Nose Day. We have come to school dressed in a Wacky Way! We are going to enjoy eating our Red Nose Day themed biscuits at break followed by our Talent Show. Thank you to Maru for baking the biscuits and for decorating them with the Pupil Council.   162 total views, no… Continue reading

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Anna Craigen from the Borders Forest Trust, has been working with the pupils in the early stages of  planning ways to improve the outside learning areas of the school grounds. They explored the school looking for evidence of bugs, animals and well known plants as a starting point. On Anna’s next visit, we made some Bug Hotels.… Continue reading

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Callum, Molly, Innes and Sophie played very well in the Borders Primary School Tournament on Tuesday evening. They won all 4 ends and brought the cup home to Ednam. All played brilliantly well and showed great sportsmanship to their opposing team. Callum did a great job of giving a speech of thanks to the Curling… Continue reading

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Nursery and P1-4 visited the Tony Huggins-Haig Gallery in Kelso today. We visited the different rooms looking at all the pieces of artwork, including painting’s and sculptures. The pupils worked in groups and completed worksheets. They finished their visit by drawing their favourite piece of artwork they saw on their visit. Thank you very much to… Continue reading

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Today our JRSO Leaders, Ailsa and Megan held a competition for the whole school. Pupils were to design a bicycle helmet idea using a raw egg to symbolise a human head. Their were 3 entries who then battled it out to see whose egg would crack first.  They began by testing the ‘helmets’ in our Outside… Continue reading

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Today we had a visit from a tractor as part of the RHET Scottish Borders Tractor Tour. RHET were visiting every Primary School in the Borders to raise their profile with the local community. Neil Thomson spent time telling the pupils all about the tractor and what the various parts of the tractor did. The… Continue reading

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Today, Charlie presented an enthusiastic talk about Art, which is his favourite thing. His mum is a Sculptor and Charlie showed us some work he had created at Sculptor Club. He also used a Power Point to tell us about different types of art including Architecture and Animated Art. He had made some art work… Continue reading

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