Primary 1-4 enjoyed a massage in class before the holidays as part of a ‘Massage in Schools’ programme.

Children paired up and gave each other a massage led by Scotia Chiropractic and everyone enjoyed a little bit of ‘relaxing’ fun.

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Before the holidays Ben gave a very interesting presentation about dinosaurs.  

He had a number of photos and information that he shared with the class, then there was a great discussion about all kinds of dinosaurs and we checked out some on the internet that other children knew too.

Well done Ben for a very interesting talk.

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Oliver shared with us a Power Point presentation on birds. He told us about different birds such as a Goldfinch, Black bird and Blue Tit. His favourite bird is a Robin. Well done Oliver.

This is Oliver’s favourite type of bird, a Robin.

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Tamara presented a fabulous talk showing us the 4 Stages of the Lifecycle of a Butterfly. She had made 2 posters with drawings and information, as well as 4 models of the different stages. Well done Tamara! 118 total views, 1 views today

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This week we started an Eco Warriors group at Ednam. We will be rejuvenating the outdoor classroom area behind the P5-7 classroom between now and the summer holidays. This week we made Bird Feeders using recycled Tennis ball tubes, sticks from outside, peanut butter and peanuts. 100 total views, 1 views today

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On St Andrew’s Day Primary 5-7  had poetry recitals and song renditions to celebrate the occasion.

As everyone did well in taking part this year, with some really good performances, everyone received a certificate and a book of poems, which will hopefully be continued inspiration in their own writing.  Well done everyone!


St Andrew’s Day participants with their certificates and poetry book

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