Henry presented a wonderful talk all about the prison in the Harry Potter series called Azkaban. He had made a model of the prison as well as an identity label that the prisoners wear. We all enjoyed listening to his presentation. 82 total views, no views today

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How the seasons work

Primary 5-7 looked at how the earth rotates in an anti-clockwise direction on its tilted axis, and how this influences the seasons as it orbits the sun, also in an anti-clockwise direction.

We used a darkened room, model earth and sun and looked carefully at the position of the earth during the solstice in June, September, December and March. We used a spotlight to represent the sun and marked our location on the earth and could see how the sun affected the earth.

Next we will look at how the moon, earth’s natural satellite, and how it orbits the earth.

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P1-4 worked in small groups to predict and then test the absorbency of different types of paper. They then reported back to the class their results. 88 total views, no views today

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Yesterday the Nursery pupils came to join us for our Art lesson. We were making masks using paper plates and a range of materials. The pupils could create any type of face they chose. Ideas that they suggested were animals, monsters, people, cartoon characters and aliens. Below are some photos of the finished products.  … Continue reading

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Yesterday we tested the strength of strips of crepe paper.  Firstly we tested one strip, then 2 together and finally 3 together.  We tested them by hanging a bucket from the end and then putting weights into the bucket.  We then counted the amount of weight the bucket held before the strips broke.  The results were;

1 strip – 400g

2 strips – 400g

3 strips 1200g.

After testing the strips we then took 3 strips in pairs and made a rope with them to see if we could make it stronger.  Today we tested them in the same way and all bar one ropes were stronger.

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Today we did some music with our bodies. – Tamara


Today we did mental maths.  I think really well. – Hannah


I liked going on the laptops to do my maths. – Daisy


I liked doing the multiplication. – Corey


We did music at the end of the day. I liked it. – Amy


I liked today maths because I liked add the pennies up to 20p. – Matthew


I liked doing Jolly Phonics. – Isla L.


I liked walking around the school 3 times we saw a combine. – Sugar


I liked dancing to the music. – Isla A


I liked when we were testing our paper ropes. – Ben


I also liked testing the paper ropes. – Haidyn


I liked doing music, it was really good. – Autumn


I liked testing my rope. – Innes


I liked testing my rope with Isla. – Luca


Today the P4 were doing some maths about the 2 times tables. – Henry


I liked doing maths with the pennies. – Keira

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