Today Alex gave us a talk about trains. He had made a large display of drawings and information all about trains. He told us all about Thomas the Tank Engine, describing each of the carriages and the names and colours of each of the carriages. Well done Alex! 16 total views, 4 views today

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P1-4 have been using their 5 senses as part of their investigations in their topic work. This week they have selected an unknown object from a bag and then they’ve had to uses their senses to complete a worksheet. Today we have completed two experiments. One involved tuning forks, water and table tennis balls and… Continue reading

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This morning Innes gave us a very informative talk about CPR. He was able to give us very clear instructions on what to do if faced with an unresponsive person. He demonstrated the CPR technique on a toy dragon and he showed us how to put someone into the Recovery Position using Oliver as his… Continue reading

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On Wednesday, Isla presented an enthusiastic talk about her favourite things – singing and dancing. She told us about her favourite singers; Taylor Swift and Adele and that her favourite dancing show is ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. She had created 2 posters with pictures and writing to show to the class. Well done Isla! 156 total views,… Continue reading

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Congratulations to Holly for being a Runner Up in the Junior Section of the Borders Art Fair School’s competition. Holly was presented with her prize yesterday at school. If you’d like to see Holly’s entry it will be displayed at the Borders Art Fair from the 16th – 18th March at Springwood Park.

Holly receiving her prize.

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Yesterday we started our Daily Mile. We are going to go out everyday and spend 15mins either walking or jogging round the playground and hopefully the Dubby when the weather improves. This was something that the Pupil Council wanted to do as it has been shown that daily exercise can help to improve concentration, our… Continue reading

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Yesterday Oliver presented an interesting Power Point presentation about the Solar System. He told us about the planets, the Sun and Comets. His favourite planet is Saturn as it has 53 moons. He also told us that the coldest planet is Neptune and the hottest planet is Mercury. Mars is somewhere that people are hoping… Continue reading

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P1-4 have begun their new topic about the Human Body. We have opened our own Ednam Medical Centre which has a Hospital, Doctors Surgery and Biological Lab in it. We have been labelling the external parts of the body and made our bodies using pipe cleaners. We will be now moving onto the internal parts… Continue reading

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On Wednesday Ben presented a talk about Lizards. He told us that there are 4,675 species of lizards, and that the largest lizard is the Komodo Dragon. His favourite lizard is the Gecko. The tiny Dwarf Gecko is only 1.6cm. Ben had a lot of pictures for us to see. He also had 2 lengths… Continue reading

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